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  Fellow Artists




A place of refuge and guidance for artists in all creative fields, who with perseverance can overcome all obstacles in their path in order to expand their artistic craft.

Would you to like rediscover the Joy in your Performing Craft? To once again feel the exhilaration of stepping onstage to sing, play or recite at the Opera House, on Broadway or at the Theatre.

As performing artists this is what we long for, what we dream about, what we desire above all else. The process of accomplishing these dreams takes far more than many realize, but we artists understand our dreams deserve the best chance we can give them.

Together we can become the front line of defense against the obstacles in your path. We can overcome your anxiety so that you can confidentially market your craft. Organize your life so that you make the most use of your time and space. Or I can simply be a point of contact for you, an accountability partner, whatever you need as you hone and sharpen your craft.

Welcome to Pure Avant-Garde!